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Currently in my final year of teacher training at Plymouth University. Passionate about making a difference to childrens lives through teaching. Follow me on twitter @trainieteacher

Monday, 17 October 2011

The Question is Why??

My name is Rebecca Allen, I am 21 years old and currently in my final year of teacher training at Plymouth university. As this is my first post on my new blog I thought a good place to start would be to share why I am training to become a primary school teacher.

It all started during my school work experience where I spent two weeks in a primary school on the outskirts of Exeter. All it took was those two weeks to ignite the passion inside of me to work with children. From that moment on I have done everything in my power to get where I am today. After two years of doing a BTEC in Early Years at college and now in my final year of my university degree I am still continuing to work hard to achieve my ambition of becoming a primary school teacher.

Out of all the professions in the world I couldnt think of anything else I would rather be than a teacher. To be honest there is nothing more rewarding and satisfying than working with children in any context. Having the opportunity to make a difference to not one but many children over the course of my career is more amazing that any words can describe. Some people may read this and think I am being over dramatic but any person who has the same passion as mine will understand exactly where I am coming from. One thing that has always been important to me is I want to enjoy going to work and what could be more enjoyable than spending you working day surrounded by children. Also any day in the company of children is always interesting and never the same as the day before.

There are so many reasons why I want to become a teacher that I could be writting this blog longer than my entire teaching career. So to share some more reasons with you I am going to just make some bullet points which I am sure many of you can relate with.
  • To be able to have such an impact on a childrens lives and their future
  • Everyday has new challenges to overcome
  • Even though there are always set backs there are more successes
  • When a child has that lightbulb moment and it was you that made it happen
  • Everyday is more exhilarating than the last
  • The amount of laughs and smiles shared in just one day
  • I can't stop myself from having fun and enjoying the job
  • Teaching allows you to be creative
  • You are always learning with the children
And lastly I want to make a difference to the world I live in and one way of doing this is by impacting on the future generation. Being a teacher is not just my career... Its my dream, my ambition, MY LIFE!!!!


  1. Great first post! It's really interesting to read about how hard you have worked to get to where you are ... and what is driving you to get there. I especially love "The amount of laughs and smiles shared in just one day" - I agree with all of your reasons, but I think that this is the one that gets you through the toughest of days ... unintentional laughter too. I look forward to reading more :)

  2. Rebecca - love the enthusiasm! Good list of "why teach" bullets, keep them to remind yourself when needed. Not everything will be at 100% success, but it does not matter, aim at 100% but don't worry if it is less - any job involving people will necessarily be messy, unpredictable but immensely satisfying. Look forward to reading how it goes.

  3. Hola Rebecca.
    I am teacher trainer in Spain. I love your first post on your blog! I am sure you will impact your students. Keep it up!

  4. Um, Becy? I think you just told the whole world that teachers are not perfect! Keep your chin up because you will be a fantastic teachers because you will genuinely understand why learners struggle.
    @kforeilly (Plymouth, UK)